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The following table below is intended only as a guide to the components and checks required.

Please refer to your vehicle handbook for details of the service intervals and the checks required by your vehicle.

CoolantInspect radiator and hoses for leaks.
Drain and replace coolant. 
BeltsCheck timing belt replacement interval based on milage or age and replace if necessary.
Inspect other belts (e.g. fan, alternator and auxiliary drive). 
EngineCheck for leaks, drain, replace filter and refill engine oil.
Replace air filter. 
Check spark/glow plug replacement interval based on mileage and replace if necessary. 
FuelInspect lines and seals, replace filter if necessary. 
Drive SystemCheck clutch and gearbox operation, top up clutch fluid if necessary.
Inspect drive shaft gaitors, grease prop shaft and top up gearbox fluid if necessary. 
InternalCheck cabin filter replacement interval based on milage or age, replace if necessary.
Check all seatbelts, check and lubricate door lock if necessary. 
BrakesCheck brake components (pads, discs, callipers, wheel cylinders, hoses and fluid), replace if necessary.
Check servo, replace brake fluid. 
Steering & SuspensionTop-up power steering, if necessary. Check components for wear, including steering gaitors, wheel bearings and shock absorbers.
ElectricalCheck lights and horn. Check and reset dashboard warning lights.
Inspect battery, top-up if necessary. Inspect HT leads. 
ExhaustInspect exhaust system, including catalyst, for leaks and fit.
Wheels & TyresCheck condition, tread depth and pressure and rectify any issues.