We can supply and fit most makes and sizes of tyres. Using the latest tyre fitting and balancing equipment you can rest assured that your tyre will be fitted and balanced correctly. Fitting includes new valves and computerised wheel balancing where necessary.

J.B. Motors has competitive rates on all makes of tyres, for a quote please call with the details listed below – for an accurate quote please ensure you have all the markings.

Tyre Markings Explained

WThe nominal section width of the tire in millimeters; that is the widest point from both outer edges (side wall to side wall).
AThe aspect ratio of the sidewall height as a percentage of the total width of the tire.
CThe construction of the fabric carcass of the tire either cross ply, radial and bias belted here R is for radial.
DDiameter in inches of the wheel that the tires are designed to fit.
LThe load index corresponds to the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol, here 91 = 615Kg
SThe speed symbol indicates the speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding with its load index, here V = 149MPH